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Oct. 3rd, 2011

author: crow 61348
genre: canon
word count: 1188
warnings: Not really...just bad grammar
Jack and Ennis and all the other wonderful characters
of Brokeback Mountain are not mine. They belong to Anne
Proulx. I just wish they were mine. I'm making no money,
fame, or anything else. I'm just fooling around.

This story was prompted by Uli1 comment concerning the relationship between Jack and Bobby.


The Old Rose Story

My dad was a great guy! You wouldn't never have known it if you hadn't known him. He's gone now, but I miss him like hell! He was the one thing in my life that I could count on - no matter what.
I remember when he used to come to school to try to get them to help me read. It never worked but he was always there. They absolutely hated him! They would see him coming and they'd almost run to avoid him - even the principle! Never worked. He'd just hunt them down and make them listen to whatever new technique he'd learned about to help with my reading problems. I'd hear about it for days - your father this and your father that. (I almost laughed in their faces!) Never did any good though. One day he came home and introduced me and Mom to Blancita. and said she was going to teach me to read. She gave me reading lessons every single day. Those lessons were different from school because those lessons really worked. It was hard at first, but my dad stayed with me, and between his reading to me and her crazy ideas, I finally learned to read.
Of course there was some bribery involved. Sometimes it was just little stuff like an extra hour of TV on a school night. But sometimes it was really big stuff. The first reading test I passed with an A, my dad bought me a horse (a pony really cause I wasn't very big), and then he taught me to ride!
One time he took me to the rodeo as reward for some test I done real well on in school. (Mom didn't want to go. She said it should be a "guys only thing".) We had a great time and went again the following year. That third year we went, he was up on those bulls. He was good! Never would go on the circuit, said that he was riding just for fun and nothing else. I told him he was crazy. Anything that moved like hell on 4 feet and hated everything on 2 feet, couldn't be fun. He just laughed and said I was right. He knew some of the other riders, and they would talk about 'the old days'. They never minded me being there. It was fun to listen to their stories and laughter.
Dad was always more comfortable around a group of men than women. I didn't understand then, but I do now. I didn't figure it out until about a year before he died, and then all the craziness in his life made sense. Mr. Malone and all those 'fishing trip used to confuse me. I'd heard about "queers" in school, but never did figure my dad was one of them. So, being the rotten kid I was, I followed him one night, and boy did I get a surprise. I saw him kiss Mr. Malone and I ran. At the diner a couple days later,I accused him of cheating on mom and he told me:
"Ain't nobody's business, but ours"
Then he started to leave. I grabbed him and told him I wasn't letting go until he talked to me. He said I wouldn't understand - that I didn't understand what I was asking for. But I wouldn't let go. When he turned around, he had the saddest eyes. Said he didn't want me to hate him like everyone else would if they knew. Said I didn't care about what "everyone else" thought or knew, I didn't want to lose my dad. Told him I loved him and wanted him to love me back. I still needed him. I could never hate him, I just didn't want him to leave. I was crying by then. He put his arms around me and let me cry. Told me that he'd never leave me unless he had to, and then he'd talk to me first and that no matter where he was, there would always be a place there just for me. He took me home.
When we got home, we went into his den and he offered me a drink. Said I grown up a lot when he wasn't looking and figured that a shot might just help with what he was going to say. So we both had a shot out the bottle of Old Rose Whiskey he keep in his desk drawer. Then he started to talk. He'd talk. and then I asked something and he'd talk some more. The floodgates were open! We talked for hours! He told me about how he grew up in the middle of nowhere somewhere east on the Wyoming-Montana border. How his dad hated him for no reason he ever understood and how much his mom had loved him. How he never was any good at math and so his father had taken him out of school at 16. How he started riding bulls. How he found out he was queer. How the army wouldn't take him because he was too "busted up". How he'd met mom. And most of all, how, when he was 19, he ended up herding sheep on Brokeback Mountain with Ennis del Mar. About fishing trips, camping trips, hunting trips and any other excuse he could find to go back to Wyoming - to Ennis del Mar, the love of his life.
When we finished, I wasn't sure I wanted to know all of it, but I understood my dad better than I had before. I like him better, too! He was a man caught in an impossible situation. So, he did the best he could. Which, as far as I was concerned, was pretty good - hard on him, but still the best he could give, always.
When he died the next year, I could deal with my Mom's grief but not my grandpa smugness. So, about 2 years later, I left. I went to find Mr. Ennis del Mar. I wanted to tell him that I knew what he and dad had shared. And that I was sorry that they hadn't had more time together. But he didn't want to talk to me. Said I looked to much like my dad. Practically slammed the door in my face. But I’m going back next week. I'll bring him a bottle of Old Rose and see how he feels then.

This is a PS to anyone who reads this - This fall, I'll be attending the University of Wyoming in Laramie. I've been accepted into their veterinary program. My dad set up an education account so I could get a college degree if I wanted one. As an instate student (and with whatever grants or scholarships I can get)there should be just about enough to cover all 8 years. I'll spend this summer up on Brokeback Mountain, herding sheep and probably drinking some Old Rose Whiskey.
My dad was a great man and a good man. I still miss him like hell! I always will.

Robert Jonathan Twist, May 1987

September Challenge


author: crow 61348
picture: #8
genre: canon
word count: 68
warnings: Not really...just bad grammar
Jack and Ennis and all the other wonderful characters
of Brokeback Mountain are not mine. They belong to Anne
Proulx. I just wish they were mine. I'm making no money,
fame, or anything else. I'm just fooling around.

He is somethin'
Never seen eyes like those
Doctors say they'll change
Hope not
Don't know if I can do this
Sure gonna try
Won't be like my old man
Gonna treat him right
No beatings
No cussing at him either
Gonna raise him right
Give 'im the best I got
Won;t be nothin' like my daddy
Won't be a failure at raisin' Bobby
I can do this!


I wish you a lovely day and a very happy birthday!! Brigit

my chocolate challenge entry

Genre: Canon

Around The Fire
by crow61348

“Hey, Ennis?”


“Pass that bottle here.”


“Ya know, I once had a cat just about the color of your eyes.”


“Yea, he was a good mouser. I guess that’s the only reason my daddy let me and ma keep him. Had to keep him in the barn, cause my old man wouldn’t allow no animals in the house. One day, my ma went out the front door and just started to laughin’. Seems that the cat had left her a gift – 4 dead mice and 1 rat! She said it ‘peared that the cat was courting her. My old man had a fit. Said he weren’t goin ta have no cat around that didn’t have sense enough to eat what he’d killed, but ma wouldn’t let anything happen to that cat. Just said he was the best mouser she’d ever seen.”

“What was his name, jack?”



Chocolate challenge entry

This my entry into the chocolate challenge. As always, as much as I wish Jack and Ennis were mine, they're not. They belong to Annie Proulx. I'm just having alittle fun!

Around the Fire
community.livejournal.com/bmm_drabbles/145700.html#cutid1st ha

I don't know if the link will work. But if it doesn't copy and paste it into your address bar

October challange

can anyone please tell me how to post a picture??

Oct. 9th, 2007

   Could someone please tell me who the Laramie Saga and where I can find it?  Lost it and I can't find it!  Thanks a lot

An Answer

Answer to lovehurts4ever
            I am posting this missive after 4 days of working on it, because I’m not a writer and I really don’t have the time!  You see, I’m 59 years old and I drive an 18-wheeler with my husband for a living, and we cover between 150,000 to 200,000 miles every year.  I also do the dispatching and all the paperwork.  (I also don’t get home very often)
            I am trying to understand your need for comments, and the readers need for complete stories.  So I have a few ideas to toss out there.

1) After reading just about every kind of reading material there is from dentist offices to educational sites to libraries to bookstores of all kinds, I believe there are as many reasons to write as there are writers.  Each writer is unique, and therefore so are their reasons.  And they are all valid!

2) Most readers don’t leave “feedback” because the word implies some kind of professionalism.  I do not qualify!  (Believe me, I am no writer!!)  If you want comments on whether or not someone likes or dislikes your work, perhaps the word “comments” should be used instead of “feedback”.  It might work better.

3) You have the right to close your journal to the general public.  There are no questions about that.  You have the right to chose who you “friend”.  Also no question!

            4) There is one thing all writers should keep in mind.  When readers start a story, they usually expect to finish it – they want to finish it!  By closing your journal in the middle of a story, you are slapping them in the face!  That may not be your intention (I certainly hope it isn’t), but that is how it comes across.  Especially when other chapters are posted and the reader can’t get to them.

5) Maybe I have a suggestion to fix the problem.  If the writers wish to close their journals to the general public, please finish the current stories that are being told.  Then friend those you wish and close your journals.  I realize that sometimes a story doesn’t get finish because of any number of reasons, including “real life” getting in the way, or the idea just won’t come.  If that’s the case, please say so, I’ll wait.  And I’m sure everyone else will, too.  We all love the stories that are posted here, whether we say so or not.  There are few other places we can get our fix of “Jack and Ennis”.  

I’m going to quit writing now, because this is more writing that I do in a year. (I can talk a blue streak, but I can’t write for sh--!!)